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Save the right to protest

Stop the Police Bill meme

The Government is trying to take away our democratic freedom to protest.

This month, the Police, Court Sentencing and Courts Bill (the Policing Bill) reaches a crucial stage in its passage through Parliament.

The Green Party is calling for action to defend our civil rights against several pernicious late amendments to the Bill which would:

  • Criminalise any protest that might ‘interfere’ with any structure such as roads, railways, oil refineries and printing presses.
  • Criminalise protesters who ‘lock on’ to another person, object or land.
  • Greatly expand Police stop and search powers to intercept anyone suspected of travelling to a ‘prohibited protest.’
  • Give Police powers to stop and search anyone without suspicion if they believe a protest will occur in a given area.
  • Give the Police power, under instruction from the Government, to stop any protest.

County Durham Green Party Co-ordinator Rupert Friederichsen called on party members and the public to protest against the draconian anti-democratic measures in the Policing Bill.

“Protest is a civil right of living in a democratic state. What the Government is proposing in the Policing Bill is anti-democratic,” he said.

“January sees the Policing Bill on the order paper of the House of Lords on the 10th, 12th and 17th. If the Lords vote against these amendments then they will fall. The Green Party is mobilising for a day of protest on the 12th.

“I call on all democrats to use whatever legal means available to them to register their opposition to the Bill. Use social media, protest outside your MP’s office, email or phone your MP, sign the petition organised by 38 Degrees. Let the world know that you stand up for democracy.”

Further information is available here.