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Election Results

Four new Green Party MPs voted in at the 2024 General Election

What a night for the Green Party! We now have four Green MPs to represent us at Westminster. This result is an incredible breakthrough for the Green Party and shows how much appetite there is for something different from the status quo. Many North East Green Party activists contributed to this success, both by travelling in person to the target constituencies to help with canvassing and also by telephoning fellow activists in those constituencies to encourage them to get out on the doorsteps.

Siân Berry in Brighton Pavillion, Carla Denyer in Bristol Central, Adrian Ramsay in Waveney Valley and Ellie Chowns in North Herefordshire will work so hard for their constituents and be the Green MPs our country so desperately needs.

Our own County Durham candidates also did us proud, all six fought commendable campaigns raising the profile of the Green Party locally. The feedback they had from constituents was very positive, people welcomed their willingness to answer people’s concerns honestly and openly. We can look forward with optimism to a strong showing at the local elections in May 2025.