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River Browney sewage petition

Jonathan Elmer reports that "the Browney regularly floods into Holiday Park as this forms part of the natural flood catchment. On the 17th March this year, community volunteers litter picked the park after flood water had receded. We were horrified to discover condoms and sanitary towel applicators as well as raw sewage deposited by the receding water. Northumbrian Water have been releasing raw sewage into the River Browney for many years and the level of sewage released has increased."

The released sewage has resulted in a dis-appearance of Salmonids from the river, and without these fish, Kingfishers and Otters will soon follow.

County Durham Green Party have started a petition to be sent to the CEO of Northumbrian Water calling on them to stop sewage being released into the Browney within 5 years. Please sign and share the link below.

Photo by Monique Laats from Pexels: