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DCC’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Northern Brown Argus butterfly
By Velela - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Durham County Council (DCC) is developing a Local Nature Recovery Strategy; you can find out more HERE. A link to their public questionnaire is HERE.

County Durham Green Party welcomes this important initiative. The strategy is a blueprint for the recovery of nature, showing where and how natural habitats can be supported, extended and linked-up. We do have some questions, which we will raise with DCC, about how the restoration will be measured and regulated; but we would encourage everyone to get involved and give feedback to support this drive.

You can complete DCC’s questionnaire, though this will limit you to choosing priority species and habitats – in our opinion it’s the connectivity that’s important, habitats function as an ecological network not as individual stand-alone sites. If you don’t want to use the questionnaire you can still write/email with your thoughts. The closing date for feedback is 16th April.