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Getting help in the cost-of-living crisis

Cost-of-living sign

If you are affected, please reach out and ask for help

Record inflation and energy prices have added £hundreds onto monthly household bills, and the crisis is set to bite this winter. This may push some residents into serious financial hardship and some may have to choose between staying warm or eating. If this is you PLEASE REACH OUT FOR HELP!

For free advice visit or ring 03000 265000. The Council can:

  • Advise on Council Tax discounts, disregards and exemptions, including single person discount
  • Talk through your income to see if you are entitled to help through the Council Tax Reduction Scheme

The Council also has a Welfare Rights Team who can be contacted on 03000 268 968. They can conduct a ‘Benefits Check’ to ensure people are receiving everything they are entitled to, and support those facing difficulties when claiming benefits.

There is further information on a range of organisations that can help including warm banks and food banks, on the menu item Cost-of-Living above.

--Cllr Jonathan Elmer