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Greens repeat call for end to fossil fuels as climate activists gather

Extinction Rebellion protest

The Green Party has reiterated its call for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels as climate activists gather in London this weekend and said a vote for the Greens in the local elections next month is a vote for climate action.

Several high profile Greens will be speaking during the four days of action, taking place from Friday 21st April to Monday 24th April, which have been organised by Extinction Rebellion with the support of many leading environmental charities and civil society groups. The organisers have said the event will be peaceful and non-violent.

County Durham Green Councillor Jonathan Elmer says:

“Our climate is facing breakdown and nature is in freefall. Those in power should be taking decisive action now. The fact they aren’t is why events like these, and getting Greens elected at all levels of government, is so important.

“Our route to action is through electoral politics.

“We share the frustration at a government failing to quickly move us to net zero and instead take us in the wrong direction by granting permission for a new coal-mine, giving a green light to more oil drilling in the North Sea and investing billions in new roads.

“That’s why we desperately need more Green politicians both in parliament and running local authorities across the country, pushing for urgent action on the climate and ecological emergency.

“On May 4th millions of people will have the opportunity in the local elections to vote for a political party that places the climate and ecological crisis front and centre stage. A vote for the Green Party is a vote for climate action.

“There are no local council elections in County Durham this year, but neighbouring areas like Darlington, Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead will be holding elections and our sister Green parties will welcome any support our members can give.”