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Council adopts green housing report

OpenStreetMap of Sniperley Park Development
Map (simplified) of proposed Sniperley development - © CC BY-SA OpenStreetMap contributors

City of Durham Parish Council has adopted a report outlining potential green solutions for a major housing development planned on the outskirts of Durham.

The Sniperley Park development, if approved by the Planning Authority, will create 1,550 homes in the north-west of the city.

Now, Durham Parish Council has drawn up a list of low-carbon, green energy solutions which, if adopted by the Authority, could make the proposed estate a model for new housing across the whole of the UK.

Among the solutions are solar panels, ground-loop heat exchange pumps, shared ground-loop arrays,

The Council has identified the Sniperley Park development as a site of strategic significance in which low carbon and energy saving solutions to a very high standard should be implemented, reflecting the city and county’s determination to confront some of the most critical problems now facing the country, including the high cost of energy; green-house gas emissions, and energy security..

The Parish Council’s climate lead and Green Party councillor, Rupert Friederichsen, says: “I am thrilled the Parish Council adopted this report. It demonstrates the broad-based support for green solutions and the urgent need for green leadership to move from goals, plans and promises to action.

“Retrofitting our old housing stock remains most urgent to quickly address the cost of living and energy crises. Making this large new housing development virtually net zero in relation to heating is a necessary contribution by Durham to meeting UK legal requirements to reach net zero by 2050.”


You can read the full report here.


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